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June 26, 2016
By Mario Cywinski


Havelaar Canada unveiled its Bison all-electric pick-up truck recently at the EV2017VE conference in Toronto, Ontario. The Bison, designed and tested in Canada, is built to withstand Canadian weather and terrain.

Bison comes with seating for two, all-wheel drive, electronic management of vehicle dynamics, carbon fibre reinforced steel space frame, ability to have a 54 per cent grade hill start and 21 per cent grade hill climb at full load.


Bison’s dual-motor fully electric powertrain distributes power to all four wheels. The 380V battery pack, located under the vehicle floor, provides a range from 210 (Work model) to 300 kilometres (Alpha model), using the new European drive cycle (NEDC) test cycle, with a maximum speed of 140km/h.

Bison dimensions are those of mid-size pick-up truck, with a length of 5,170 millimetres, width of 1,880mm, height of 1,830mm, wheelbase of 3,200mm and a minimum ground clearance of 255mm. Payload is 645kilograms for Work model, and 425kg for Alpha model.

Bison takes a minimalist approach to the interior with the number of knobs and switches reduced, a touch screen display that serves as the centre stack and a digital gauge cluster.

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