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ARI kicked off its 2017 Fleet Forum series themed “Fleet Means Business” at Angus Glen Golf Course in Markham, Ontario recently.

Over 170 attendees were at the event which featured a keynote address by David Frum, political analyst, who spoke about what the Donald Trump presidency means for Canadian businesses. Chris Conroy, President, ARI, updated guests on ARI and Holman business, spoke about the theme of the event, and mentioned that a partner connect tool will launch in the future.

David Frum made the keynote address.
“With this year’s theme of 'fleet means business' we really wanted to change the narrative," says Chris Conroy, President, ARI. "This recognizes fleet as a key driver of business success and not merely a cost centre. Our programming helped to further drive this home with actionable information to support profitability.”

Greg Raven, ARI, spoke on the Top Five Fleet Cost Savings Initiatives to Drive the Bottom Live, and John Kiraly, ARI discussed how ARI’s technology can create business value.

Chris Conroy, ARI, welcomed guests to the forum.
Indoor presentations were followed by the Fleet Fair and Expo, which debuted last year. Twelve OEMs were given time to speak about features and technologies of the vehicle that they had brought to the forum.

Lunch and a complementary round of golf followed in the afternoon.

(Clockwise from bottom-left) Robert Miles, MultiVans, Serge Viola, Puralator, Fred Seymour, MultiVans, Charlie Johns, ARI, and Roy Doll, MultiVans.

(From left) Markus Flair, Rogers, and Carol Gooding, Toyota Canada.

(From left) Eric Marshall, Genesis Motors Canada, Russ Seton and Sean Logan, Hyundai Canada, and Justin Doiron, Genesis Motors Canada.

(From top-left clockwise) Russell Godin, Cal Turgeon, Mike Traub, Ford of Canada, James John, Midas, Reg Modjeski, and Brent Smith, Ford of Canada.

(From left) Thomas Roth, VW Canada, and Rodger Klarer, ARI.

Jamie Pawluk, Audi Canada.

Adam Brtnik, BMW Canada.

Bernie Moorcroft, FCA Canada.

David Murphy, Mitsubishi Motors Canada.

Nissan Qashqai.

Scott Langlois, Subaru Canada.

Eric Marshall, Genesis Motors Canada.

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