ARI brought its Best In Fleet symposium to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to recognize the accomplishments of its clients. The three-day event brought together over 140 fleet managers from across the United States and Canada along with subject matter experts on technology, data analysis and the automotive sector. The group networked, shared best practices and learned how key fleets had partnered with the FMC to reduce cost, improve safety and streamline processes as they moved toward optimized fleet operations.

“We were eager to create an opportunity where leaders within the industry could come together to learn about and discuss how technology is transforming both how we do business now and how we will in the years to come,” said Chris Conroy, President, ARI. “Technology, innovation and Big Data is fundamentally changing our industry and how we think about fleet management. Smart companies are not just embracing how new technologies can help them right now, but also looking to understand what it means for them five or ten years from now.”

Client case studies from Allergan, BASF and Red Hawk took a deep dive into how ARI’s Fleet Maintenance Health Card, telematics and data analytics products met and exceeded customer objectives. In Red Hawks case, adoption of the safety telematics program netted the company a savings of $1 millon dollars in preventable accidents over the course of the first year it was employed.

"As a Director of a Utility Fleet Services company with over 8,000 pieces of equipment including a fleet of turbine helicopters I sometimes find myself looking for people in the industry to chat with. ARI's vast customer base and a Fleet forum like this puts you in touch with industry leaders from all over North America and the latest in innovations from all over the world," said Mike Piggott, Director, Fleet Services, Hydro One. "It was great to spend a couple days with industry peers and hear about the latest and greatest in fleet. I had several takeaways from this conference that will help transform my group from Good to Great!"

Best In Fleet attendees heard from Chris Conroy, President, ARI on the company’s global stable growth and its plans to “invest, enhance and evolve” in an ever changing business environment. Patrick Maroney from SAP spoke on the future of digital information and the impact the “Internet of Things” will have on every aspect of business and personal life. Inga Maurer and Joe Moser from consultancy firm McKinsey looked at key trends reshaping the automotive and mobility industry and their impacts on commercial fleet. Carl Ortell, CEO of the Holman Automotive Group, the parent company of ARI shared the Holman Automotive story with the audience, illustrating how the family values that drive the business have been key to its success as it has expanded into a global going concern.

“We now have the capacity to go beyond simply describing what is happening with a fleet – although that is important to know and we still start there,” said Tony Candeloro, Vice-President of Product Development and Client Information Systems, ARI. “That isn’t where we end, however. We also look to understand why something is happening, predict what will happen next and – most important – what should a fleet do about it. We’re looking to do more than just inform – we’re looking to be predictive and prescriptive. We want to move data from being merely interesting to being impactful.”

Event guests networked in the scenic Fort Lauderdale beach setting and were treated to ARI’s blend of hard working and fun hospitality through out the event, including a performance by the Spazmatics and a special U.S Election Keynote panel featuring Karl Rove, former Deputy Chief of Staff to George Bush and Howard Dean, Chairman of the Democratic National Convention.

ARI President Chris Conroy, updated the audience on ARI's national and global growth and its commitment to creating "raving fans" through exemplary service..

Fleet Maintenance Health Card panel members Charlie Guthro, ARI, Ben Lao, BASF and Theresa Belding, Allergan discuss how the tool validated their hypothesis regarding fleet maintenance costs.

Carl Ortell, CEO Holman Automotive, provided an overview of the many facets of the family owned business.

As a special gift to event attendees Peter Nogalo, ARI moderated the keynote US Election panel featuring Karl Rove and Howard Dean.

Denise Wildish, ARI welcomed Best In Fleet attendees to the presentations.

Charlie Guthro, ARI and Mike Pigott, Hydro One take a break between sessions.

Gary Hudon , CPR and Rick Tousaw, ARI discuss the sessions at a networking break.

Stephen Perkins, ARI, with Dan Cannon , Schindler at the welcome reception dinner.

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