The XTO panel consisted of (from left) Peter Nogalo, ARI, LeAnn Chewning and Peter Tunnard, XTO and Jim Spera ARI
Sunny South Beach in Miami Florida was the setting for ARI’s Best in Fleet 2017 Symposium. Now in its second year, the three-day event brought together over 150 senior leaders with fleet and procurement responsibilities from across North America, ARI subject matter experts and automotive industry thought leaders for a series of case studies, presentations and panel discussions. Symposium attendees heard from companies including MasTec, XTO Energy, Comcast and more about how partnering with ARI let them leverage its technology and best practices, driving efficiencies and cost savings for their fleets. “This event is a great opportunity for leading fleets to come together to gain real world knowledge, learn more about what the future holds for fleet from some of the folks who are making that future and connect with the people who can make their jobs easier.” Said Chris Conroy President, ARI. “Our customers are experiencing unprecedented disruption today, we want to ensure they know that ARIs commitment is a constant in a transformative world and our job helping them be better at whatever they want to do will never change.”

As part of the presentation on fleet’s adoption of leading edge analytics and artificial intelligence, Director of Client Information Services, Don Woods, unveiled the launch of the fleet industry’s first voice-based technology pilot project. ARI has developed an Alexa app, designed for Amazon’s virtual personal assistant. The technology allows for clients to interact with the ARI insights portal to ask Alexa for information related to fuel, accidents, maintenance, downtime and purchase orders. ‘As Alexa and other technologies like it creep into more parts of our daily lives, it made sense for us to explore if our clients would benefit from this new way of engaging with ARI.” Said Woods.

ARI invited Ted Graham, Head of Open Innovation at General Motors and author of “The Uber of Everything” to share his thoughts on what innovation and disruption means to symposium attendees. Graham related how he spent time as an Uber X driver to get a ground zero perspective on the broader implications disruption is having on society and how through having the right partners, employing two way feedback and balancing risk and reward, firms can navigate into the dynamic future.

During the Holman organization update presentation, Carl Ortell, Holman Enterprises CEO shared the organizations mission statement. ‘We want our people to have a rewarding career that creates better lives for them and their families. That’s what differentiates us. When we live that, we free them to serve our customers in the best way possible. All of our success and the success of our clients follow from that principle.”

Emmitt Smith, NFL hall of Fame running back from the Dallas Cowboys wrapped up the symposium with an inspirational presentation sharing just some of the lessons he has learned from a life in football, entertainment and business.

ARI’s renowned hospitality was also on display at the event. Guests had the opportunity to experience South Beach by Segway, learn more about its history and cuisine, and take in first hand the sights and sounds that make South Beach night life unique.

Emmitt Smith inspired the audience with his story.

Tim Stephens (left) and Kathryn Foster (right), ARI, flank Jennifer Connor, Telus, in between sessions.

Chris Conroy, President. ARI provided a business update for the audience.

Wadih Tannous, Bell Canada and Charlie Guthro, ARI catch up at one of the networking breaks.

The Comcast panel discussed their fleet integration project.

Jeff Cole, ARI discussed how managing policy, driver and data can positively impact the bottom line.

Guest Speaker Ted Graham shared his perspective on innovation and disruption.

Carl A. Ortell, Holman Automotive Group.

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