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DriveWise held its fifth annual Collaborate Conference at its headquarters in Barrie, Ontario recently. The event included a variety of topics on the safe operation of motor vehicles. The timely Safety Minutes Winter Driving Awareness session discussed issues such as adjusting driving in adverse conditions, how to prepare the vehicle for winter driving, making sure to have a safety kit in the vehicle and skid control.

Topics of interest to truck fleets were: Managing Incidents, Managing Technology Based Skill Fade, Competency Based Education (which also covered the Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) requirement), and the difference between Evaluation and Assessment.

"Collaborate is a huge event for us and our clients," said Lesley de Repentigny, President and CEO, DriveWise. "The idea and experience sharing with our clients is extremely important to our continual advancement. Our showcasing of new emerging learning technologies is exciting for our clients and ourselves. Our client event is about my favorite day of the year."

As well the conference covered emerging trends including the future of 3D technology and virtual reality air brakes, which help with driver training.

Lesley de Repentigny, President and CEO, DriveWise.

A Future of 3D Technology presentation was made by representatives from Tyger Shark.

Steve Overend, Senior Instructor, DriveWise presented the Safety Minutes – Winter Driving Awareness presentation.

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