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Dragon ‎Bruce Croxon delivered the keynote address during the meeting.
Element Fleet Management hosted its annual Ride and Drive at the Toronto Congress Centre on June 22. The event attracted an impressive 15 per cent increase in attendees compared to last year’s show.

Controlling Maintenance Costs, Data insights through Xcelerate and Safety and Emerging Technologies were the three workshops attendees were invited to partake in at this year’s event.

John Meiklejohn, National Account Manager with Element, led the Controlling Maintenance Cost workshop. He shared how applying a greater level of scrutiny to different services including, tune ups, brake pad replacements and nitrogen additives can save fleet significant dollars.

“I found the controlling maintenance costs seminar very informative and it showed me another side of managing drivers vehicle maintenance behaviour,” said Tricia Cain, Fleet Manager, Calton Cards about the workshop.

The Safety and Emerging technology workshop highlighted some semi-autonomous technologies emerging in the industry today, such as blind spot detection and collision warnings, which use sound and vibration to alert the driver. Other technologies include adaptive cruise control, emergency brake assist, adaptive headlights and obstacle detection. It was emphasized that despite the advantages these technologies offer, they are not 100 per cent autonomous and should not be treated as fool-proof. For now at least, driver safety still depends on their situational awareness.

John Meiklejohn, Element led the Controlling Maintenance Costs workshop, one of three featured at the event.
Paul Millington, Faris Mohamed and June Siriunas with Element led the Data Insights Session, which introduced Element’s Xcelerate report centre. The program, which is also available as a mobile app for Element fleet customers gives graphical and tabular representation of data for management reports. The presenters emphasised Xelerate’s customizable nature for different business’ specific needs and objectives and how the program uses visualization to make information come to life for its users benefit.

Faris Mohamed spoke about the shift from core analytics to advanced analytics which will shift the discussion from “What happened, how do we fix it?” to, “here’s what we do to avoid it from happening.” As part of the workshop, breakout sessions allowed attendees to share their data needs with the Element team. Blair King from the Bank of Nova Scotia added that he’d “appreciate a tool to keep on top of environmental factors and to accurately track employee’s business and personal use.” The major data needs noted by guests were accident data, the need for driver safety profiles and overall cost savings.

Digital innovator, venture financier and entrepreneur Bruce Croxon was the events Keynote speaker. Bruce is a former co-star of CBC’s Dragon Den and creator of the dating web site, Lava Life. He shared his insights into the disruption he sees the fleet industry facing and what an “unbelievable time it is to be a consumer.” He encouraged attendees to embrace this time of change and to develop vision and core values for their companies that will help in the contest to recruit the best people for their business’s future success.

Sebastien Blondin, President, Element Fleet Management Canada, shared some of the milestones and successes Element has achieved in the last year.
Sebastian Blondin, President, Element Fleet Management brought the audience up to date on recent Element initiatives including the launch of its Xcelerate fleet management tool, the ongoing investment in technology, the creation of a Client Advisory Board and the consolidation of its legacy platforms.

Over 160 passenger vehicles, CUVs, SUVs, light and medium duty trucks from 14 OEMs were on hand at the ride and drive for the 175 fleet owners, operators and managers like Shawn Gregorio from Dare Foods, who was attending to check out the vehicles as part of her company’s selector process, to experience.

A supplier expo was held inside the Congress Centre where attendees had an opportunity to ask questions of representatives from 36 OEMs, upfitters, tire and other fleet service providers.

During his keynote, Bruce Croxon said “There has been more data produced in the last year than all the data produced cumulatively in the history of mankind.” Element’s Ride and Drive was a reminder to its customers and prospects that the FMC has the vision and values required to manage the flood of fleet driver and vehicle data that awaits and turn it into meaningful action steps for its clients.

Ismat Jahan, Black & McDonald (centre) speaks with Bernie Moorcroft (left) and Claude Malette (right) at the FCA display, one of 33 featured at the event.

(From left) Peter Cornu and Roberto Carvalo, General Motors transition from the supplier expo to the ride and drive.

(From left) Debbie Vorich, Weston Foods chats with Habib Akbar, Mercedes-Benz during the vendor Expo.

(From left) Brad Homer, Astra Zeneca and Christine Clews, Nissan Canada at the supplier expo.

(From left) Thomas Roth, Volkswagen, Jason Cervi and Christoff Bissdorf, Dentsply Sirona Canada at the ride and drive.

(From left) Joe Tavares, Element and Donna D’Ovidio, Molson Coors Canada get some last minute instructions from David Murphy, Mitsubishi Canada before going for a test drive.

(From left) Jamie Pawluk and Chloe Moussed, Audi Canada were available to answer questions regarding Audi products and technology.

(From left) Russ Seton, Hyundai and Bob Mitchell, Sobey’s chat during the supplier expo.

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