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EMKAY Canada held its first Western Fleet forum at its Calgary, Alberta office recently. The forum brought together a number of energy and related services fleet managers and was focused on fleet maintenance, optimal replacement cycles and over all cost control strategies. Using detailed EMKAY aggregate western fleet data, the group took a deep dive into when the optimal time to replace, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton trucks by brand were.

“EMKAY’s dedication to further understanding the needs of the various fleets is to be commended. The pulling of data to assist us in further understanding our fleet maintenance costs is very valuable and I have applied some of these learnings to our fleet already,” said Kelly Woodrow, Trilogy Energy, of the event.

Forum attendees also shared their challenges associated with excessive idling and tire replacement and discussed the role employee safety plays in telematics adoption and what other benefits its use provides.

Greg Grant, EMKAY summed up the event, “We are pleased to have held our most recent Fleet Forum in Calgary, it was a great opportunity to bring some of our clients in Western Canada together and share the most recent fleet data analytics. The sharing of information, fleet practices and experiences provides great value to the participants and our business.”

(From left) Annette Bewley, EMKAY and Kelly Woodrow, Trilogy Energy, compare notes during a break in the session.

EMKAY team members and customers commemorate the inaugural Western Canada fleet forum with a group picture.

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