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EMKAY Canada hosted a Remarketing Forum for clients at its Toronto offices in May.

Looking at EMKAY remarketing data from 2015 through February 2017, the Forum identified a number of key market observations including; a majority of vehicle segments have experienced an increase in kilometres travelled while decreasing total months in service, 2017 has begun to see a decline in all segment values with the exception of light duty trucks and US buyers continue to exert a strong influence on the Canadian wholesale market given the value of the Canadian dollar. EMKAY data that shows it takes 10 days on average to sell at auction also indicated that demand remains strong.

In addition, Forum attendees discussed strategies for optimal vehicle utilization, spare or pool unit best practices and the role fleet vehicles can play in employee retention in a tight high skilled labour market.

Greg Grant, EMKAY summed up the event “We held another informative session with a group great of individuals representing a number of diverse fleets across Canada, discussing the recent trends in the used vehicle market. Our analytics team did an outstanding job illustrating the resale market and a lot of valuable information and experiences were shared on the topic from the group.

(From left) Tom Mulford, SP Plus and Norm Lyle, EMKAY talk remarketing during the Forum.

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