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Ken Tuckey, FCA, provided an overview.
FCA Canada Fleet hosted a Ram Commercial Round Table meeting at Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario recently. Forty attendees including upfitters and fleet management company representatives attended.

The event officially launched two upfitter programs, Ram Q-Pro and Augmented Reality in Canada. Ram Commercial engineers from Auburn Hills, Canadian product planners and Canadian fleet representatives were on hand to answer any questions guests had.

“Our Ram Commercial Roundtable event in Milton, Ontario was a great way to showcase the Ram and Ram Commercial brands to key partners and for them to hear – directly from our Ram engineers – why our products are segment leaders,” said Bernie Moorcroft, National Commercial Fleet Sales Manager, FCA Canada. “Further it was a chance to launch in Canada Q-Pro, a new qualification process for upfitters to certify their product with Ram Engineering and the Ram Augmented Reality Upfit Configurator, a computer-generated visual program allowing upfitters and dealers to virtually showcase a number of solutions to customers of Ram ProMaster, Ram ProMaster City and Ram Chassis Cab.”

Brock Wienczewski, Program Manager – Commercial Vehicles, FCA US, outlined some of the features of the program and its benefits. The program is a qualification process for upfitters, which certifies that their products are in line with Ram engineering. The program allows for better quality, reliability and durability, regulatory compliance, standardized process, and warranty. Once an upfitter is certified it can use Q Pro to market their products.

Dave Sowers, Head of Ram Truck Marketing Commercial Vehicles, outlined the Augmented Reality program. The program allows upfitters and dealers to show their solutions to customers in a computer-generated visual program. Customers can do a virtual walk around and inside the vehicle.

“The new technology FCA is making available with the Q Pro simulation is industry leading,” said Julia Riding-Badju, Technical Upfit Consultant, Element Fleet Management. "Thanks to the Ram team for including us in the round table, can’t wait to see the results of their forward thinking combined with our feedback!”

Ken Tuckey, Senior Manager, National Fleet and Commercial Vehicles, provided an overview of the Ram truck and commercial vehicle line up including 2017 fleet performance year to date and shared the benefits of employing Ram products.

Dave Sowers, FCA, outlined the Augmented Reality program..

(From left) Crystal Hill, Action Car and Truck Accessories, Julia Riding-Badju and Anita Raghunandan, Element Fleet Management at the event.

Brock Wienczewski, FCA US, Program Manager – Commercial Vehicles.

Amanda Singh and Bill Fisher, FCA, with Ram 1500.

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