Guest Speaker Nicole Verkindt.
The atmosphere was electric at Foss National Leasing’s standing room only Future-Proof Your Fleet event at the Plug ‘n Drive Discovery Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

“This event was about providing a venue to continue the conversation about the direction of the industry given the substantial changes that are heading our direction,” said Jeff Hartley, President, Foss National Leasing. “The electrification of vehicles is becoming a reality and we need to plan for it.”

Special guest speaker, Nicole Verkindt, founder of OMX, a Dragon on Next Gen Den and a panelist on CBC News’ The Exchange, spoke about the digital economy and it's impact on business.

As well, the event featured a special presentation by Ford of Canada on its Ford Fusion alternative energy vehicle available in hybrid, gas or PHEV form.

Close to 100 attendees had the opportunity to drive 24 vehicles, including electric, fuel cell, plug in and traditional hybrids from 14 OEMs, who along with Foss Representatives were on hand to answer product questions.

(From left) Becky Kilmry, Foss, Shannon Dufty and Jay Bentley, PBL Insurance Limited, Basil Marcus and Darlene Spriel, Foss.

(From left) David Thornton, Foss, Ken Gong, Orkin Canada, Stephanie Celli, Foss, and Ted Wozniak.

(From left) Claude Mallett, FCA, Claudio DeAngelis, Foss, and Bill Fisher, FCA.

Jeff Hartley welcomes guests to the event.

(From left) Carol Gooding and Derek WIlm, Toyota with the Prius Prime (left) and Mirai.

(From left) Luc Grenier and David Murphy, Mitsubishi.

(From left) Marco Dodaro, Barb Tilly and, and Shannon White, Ford of Canada with Ford Fusion.

(From left) Christine Clews, Ines de Lima, Nissan Canada, Kim Colgan, Allergan Inc, and and Deborah Pavao, Foss.

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