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The Private Motor Council of Canada held its Ontario regional fall seminar in Milton, Ontario recently. The seminar began with a introduction by Charlie Charalambous, from ISB Canada, the host of the event.

An update on Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) was led by Mike Millian, President, PMTC. He spoke about ELD compliance in the United States and its phase in on December 18, 2017, as well as grandfathering of existing technology that doesn't meet new specification on December 16, 2019. The Canadian mandate has not yet been made into the regulation.

Mike Hinsberger, Waterloo Regional Police Service, and Pat Martin, Halton Regional Police Service, spoke about the Ontario Commercial Vehicle Commmitee (OPCVC) Mandate and provided statistics and information about safety blitzes it has conducted. OPCVC totals for blitzes conducted in 2017 included 1,837 inspections which had 748 failures leading to 1,574 charges laid, which corresponds to a 40 per cent overall safety fail rate.

Maeve Davis, Vice President, Client Services at ISB Canada spoke about social media helps the trucking industry with the use of geo-fencing, open source investigations and other supports.

Mike Millian, PMTC, provided a ELD Mandate update.

Charlie Charalambous, ISB Canada welcomed guests to the seminar.

Maeve Davis, ISB Canada spoke about social media.

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