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Customer Testimonials

“A year ago we decided to invest in promoting our services and we were grateful to find CAF as the perfect partner for this purpose. Once our brand and services began to appear in their magazine we became a more visible company in the industry and many large companies began asking us for quotes on the production and installation of graphics for their fleets. In addition, once we began working with CAF we discovered that the information they share is very useful for the expansion plans of our business since they constantly offer market information, both from the big suppliers of the industry and from those who manage the business and potential customers. In summary, we consider that the investment with CAF is a very intelligent way to increase our client base." - Pedro Suing, Operations Manager, Canada Fleet Graphics

“Back in 1997 with Chrysler Canada, I was transferred into a whole new department. A department I knew nothing about. It was called Fleet. Upon entering into my new office for the first time, my predecessor, Mr. Paul Weatherby immediately walked me through the past issues of the CAF Fact Books. He told me that the best way to learn about Fleet was to review the many years of the CAF Fact Books he had on file. And still to this day, the Fact Book is considered the Bible of Fleet. I was also introduced to Jake McLaughlin, the then Editor and Founder of CAF. Jake, a very well respected man in the industry, taught me that Fleet is all about relationships. And after 32 years in the Fleet industry he is still very correct. Keith and now Erin, you have continued to bring CAF into the new era of Fleet, yet I know through personal experience and through the articles you present, that Relationships are still a very important part of Fleet and Canadian Automotive Fleet. I continue to religiously read and use the information in CAF to this very day and my current CAF Fact Book is never more than a few steps away.”- Norm Lyle, Former President, EMKAY Canada

“For the past 35 plus years Canadian Automotive Fleet magazine has been an authoritative source of information for the Canadian fleet industry. I have many fond memories of founder Jake McLaughlin covering industry events with sage comments on the issues of the day. Under Keith’s direction, CAF has endured the test of time through solid management principles, embracing new technology and above all, strong industry relationships.” - Ken Tuckey, Senior Manager – National Fleet & Commercial Vehicles, FCA Canada Inc.

“With a time span that closely parallels my own tenure in the industry, I have come to view Canadian Automotive Fleet as an old friend. Always keeping me abreast of what’s new, of the changes in an ever evolving competitive landscape, and of course up to date on the various initiatives of my industry associates. I wish you thirty five more years of journalistic success and being an integral part of the Canadian Fleet industry.” - Russ Seton, Former Senior Manager, Fleet Sales CPO and Remarketing, Hyundai Canada

“Back in the 1980’s, Keith Mclaughlin’s father, Jake ran the mag and was also a source of sage advice to the fleet industry and many individuals such as myself as the fleet industry began to really develop. This tradition of the dissemination of information, knowledge and the odd bit of advice continues to this day via the CAF publication. To this day, even with the advent “fake news” and so many tools to gather information CAF remains a great clearing house for industry communication and information. “- Jeff Hartley, President Foss National Leasing

“Always a good read.
I look forward to reading about current and upcoming technologies and trends. I like your editorial/ blog as well.
Keep up the good work!” - Rod Gaede CCS Facilities/Fleet Manager, Mammoet Canada Eastern Ltd.

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