A class action lawsuit is being brought before a Quebec court alleging that the battery performance of the Chevrolet Bolt – 2017’s “Green Car of the Year” isn’t as advertised. According to plaintiffs in the lawsuit, GM claimed the Bolt was able to drive up to 383 kilometres before needing a charge, while the reality under cold conditions, didn’t come close. “The range of the Bolt electric vehicle does not even reach 300 kilometres” the plaintiffs claim. The plaintiffs went on to say that cold weather drastically increased the battery’s charging time and that GM was “aware of this situation as early as 207 but knowingly omitted to mention it tot eh plaintiff and other members of the class action suit. Plaintiffs are suing for a $38,000 refund, plus punitive damages.


For more: https://tnc.news/2022/05/26/2017-green-car-of-the-year-sued-for-poor-performance/

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