BrightDrop, the electric vehicle subsidiary of General Motors, has delivered the first batch of electric vans to Courier company FedEx. The first five vehicles which are part of a total order of 500 will be put into service in California. The EV600 vans are the first of the several thousand BrightDrop is expected to produce over the next year and has deals with fleet management company Merchants as well as telecommunications firm Verizion. The EV600 produced for FedEx is a blend of traditional delivery vehicle and step in van. They use GM’s Ultium battery technology, promising a range of 250 miles on a charge and have  600 cubic feet of cargo space.

“As e-commerce continues to grow, BrightDrop is thrilled to partner with FedEx in our mission to dramatically reduce vehicle emissions from delivery and deliver a brighter future for all of us,” said Travis Katz, president and CEO of BrightDrop. 

In addition to the EV600, BrightDrop has developed a second vehicle, the EV410, that it expects to begin producing in 2022. While smaller than the EV600 it boasts the same range, with cargo capacity of 410 cubic feet.

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