The Liberal government is accelerating its goal of all light duty vehicle sales in Canada being zero emission to 2035. Previously the government had set a target of 2040 for the transition. Transport Minister Omar Alghabra cited how the government has spent at least 600 million dollars into a rebate program that offers consumers an incentive of up to $5,000 in hopes of getting more electric vehicles on the road. Federal officials last fall said while the rebates have been popular they weren’t going far enough to reach the Federal governments first target of 10 percent of new vehicle sales being electric by 2025. Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said that Canada would work with the U.S. on fuel efficiency to achieve the tougher goal. “It’s a mandatory target,” Wilkinson said of the pronouncement. Electric vehicles currently make up approximately three to four percent of car sales in Canada. In a statement, the Global Automakers of Canada said industry shares the government’s goal of carbon elimination but found the announcement lacking details on how to transition to 100 percent sales of zero emissions vehicles by 2035.

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