The people of New York City can now hail a Ford Mustang Mach-E taxi, complete with custom monitors and a panoramic roof.

Sustainable mobility startup Gravity launched the first in its fleet of reimagined NYC yellow taxis, which is expected to feature at least 50 all-electric Mach-E and Tesla Model Y vehicles in the near future. 

Each Mach-E taxi features a panoramic roof for sightseeing, AI tech to identify and prevent distracted driving, and a 22-inch passenger display for taking selfies, playing music, watching videos, and adjusting climate controls.

"We've designed our fleet to be the smartest, safest, and most sustainable taxi to ever hit the road—something any New Yorker or visitor would be excited to flag down," Gravity CEO Moshe Cohen said in a statement. "We want our advanced EV fleet to not only help reinvigorate the NYC yellow taxi, but help reenergize the city and pull it toward a cleaner future."

It will be possible to hail one of Gravity's EV yellow cabs on the street or via the standard mobile apps. All vehicles are authorized for use as taxis under an EV pilot program previously adopted by New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission; drivers are also licensed and approved by the TLC. The company plans to charge the vehicles overnight to maximize operating hours while allowing enough time for the batteries to recharge.

EV charging infrastructure can be hard to find in New York City, but Gravity operates its own charging station out of a parking garage in Midtown Manhattan. The company plans on installing more chargers in the future, including fast-chargers capable of speeds of up to 350 kW.

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