Ford and Rivian no longer plan to co-develop an electric vehicle, the companies confirmed last Friday.

The two companies initially announced development of a joint vehicle when the automaker invested $500 million in Rivian back in 2019.They later said it would be for Ford’s luxury Lincoln brand, before canceling those plans last year. Ford, at the time, said the automakers would still seek other opportunities to collaborate with one another. However, those plans also have now been scrapped.

“We respect Rivian and have had extensive exploratory discussions with them, however, both sides have agreed not to pursue any kind of joint vehicle development or platform sharing,” Ford said in an emailed statement.

“As Ford has scaled its own EV strategy and demand for Rivian vehicles has grown, we’ve mutually decided to focus on our own projects and deliveries. Our relationship with Ford is an important part of our journey, and Ford remains an investor and ally on our shared path to an electrified future,” the company said in an emailed statement.

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