GM has released a new EV First Responder Training program that not only provides vital information on the technology inside of an electric vehicle but also details industry best practices for dealing with EVs—and electrified vehicles like hybrids—in all kinds of potentially difficult situations. GM will train people using the program not only with live presentations but also presentations from experts, videos, and virtual demonstrations, the company said. GM is scheduling four-hour safety presentations in various US and Canadian cities through its website and is offering certificates through the Illinois Fire Service Institute to those who successfully complete the sessions.

"The best way for the public and private vehicle fleet owners to rapidly adopt EVs is to train firefighters and emergency responders on how to handle incidents involving battery powered vehicles," Andrew Klock of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) said in a statement. "The fire service has had more than 100 years to gain the knowledge needed to respond to internal-combustion engine fires, and it is critical that they are now educated on EV safety."

Source: Car & Driver 

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