Lightyear, a Dutch company developing a long-distance solar car, has partnered with LeasePlan to reserve 5,000 cars of Lightyear’s second model, scheduled to go into production by 2024/2025.

LeasePlan had already committed to making Lightyear’s first model, the Lightyear One, available through its European network. Production on Lightyear One will start in 2022.

The second model builds on the same technology developed for Lightyear One, and will be available in Europe, the U.S., and other global markets at a more accessible starting price point of €30,000, the news release says.

“LeasePlan has been a very strong partner for us since 2018," CEO and Founder Lex Hoefsloot says. "[The] announcement is a testament to their commitment to our product vision to make clean mobility accessible for everyone. LeasePlan has been a leading voice in the need to transition to clean vehicles that are less dependent on charging infrastructure and reduce costly grid reinforcements. We join forces in bringing a unique and truly sustainable vehicle to the market.”

“Together, LeasePlan and Lightyear will deliver the world’s first solar-powered car subscription," Tex Gunning,  CEO of LeasePlan, adds. "With Lightyear, range anxiety is a thing of the past, as is the nightmare of having to find a convenient and available charging station – an absolute breakthrough in the fight to cut emissions from road transportation. We look forward to joining forces with Lightyear and putting drivers behind the wheel of some of the cleanest, most innovative EVs ever produced.”

LeasePlan currently has a fleet of approximately 1.8 million vehicles in 29 countries.

Source: Automotive Fleet 

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