A new report from BloombergNEF, says that electric vehicle sales are likely to accelerate at a rate greater than ever experienced before. However, in its annual Electric Vehicle Outlook report, BloombergNEF says that Governments need to encourage adoption further if they wish to be net-zero on carbon emissions by 2050.

Achieving that goal would require decisive further policy action, the report says, from accelerating electric car adoption, expanding charging networks, pushing for battery recycling and new regulations on heavy trucks, as well as encouraging active modes of transport such as cycling and walking.

Should there be no Governmental market stimulus an Economic Transition Scenario – which assumes no additional policy measures – would see global sales of zero-emission cars rising from 4% market share in 2020 to 70% by 2040.

While EV adaptors such as China, the United States and European economies are well ahead of these numbers, lower levels of adoption in emerging economies reduces the global average, says the report. Zero-emission light commercial vehicles will grow from 1% today to 60% of market share over the same time period, and medium and heavy commercial vehicles to just over 30%, from almost zero now.

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