Nissan Motor Company will invest close to $18 bilion to electrify its lineup. The OEM plans 23 electrified vehicles coming to market by 2030, including its second electric only model the Ariya. CEO Makato Uchida expects the electrified models to account for 50% of Nissan’s global sales by that time. Nissan was an early leader in EVs, with the launch of the Leaf a decade ago. As part of its Nissan Ambition 2030 program the carmaker will begin converting assembly plants to accommodate electric vehicle manufacturing. Like a number of other OEMs, Nissan will also invest heavily in expanding its electric vehicle battery capacity, beginning with lithium-ion technology but moving quickly to develop solid-state batteries. Solid-state batteries are expected to have higher energy density, be lighter, have reduced risk of fire and have lower costs than their Lithium-ion counterparts.. CEO Ashwani Gupta said the goal is for the solid-state batteries to cost $75 per kilowatt hour by 2028, with a longer term goal of $65 per kWh, making BEV’s comparable in cost to the same vehicle using an internal combustion engine.

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