The 2021 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) has officially set the Guinness World Record title for the longest distance travelled by a hydrogen FCEV without refuelling. The Mirai covered 845 miles driven on a single five-minute complete fill of hydrogen during a roundtrip tour of southern California. The Mirai was recently selected by Ward’s Automotive as a 10Best Engine and Propulsion Systems winner. “In 2016, the Toyota Mirai was the first production fuel cell electric vehicle available for retail sale in North America, and now the next generation Mirai is setting distance records,” said Bob Carter, executive vice president, Toyota Motor North America. “We are proud to be leaders of this exciting technology, which is just one of a growing lineup of zero emission vehicles in our portfolio.”

The Mirai was driven by professional hyper miler Wayne Gerdes and was driven primarily during rush hour traffic in temperatures between 65 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

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