Battery startup company Solid Power plans to begin pilot production of its solid-state batteries in what could be a game changing development in EV battery production. With funding from BMW and Ford Solid Power announced it will begin supplying solid state batteries the two OEMs can use in real world testing. If all goes according to plan the batteries could be in mass production by 2024. Solid-state battery technology has a number of similarities to state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, with one significant difference. They eliminate the gel or liquid electrolytes currently. This all but eliminates the risk of fire. Virtually all automakers now producing EVs have had to deal with battery fires. The technology promises other advantages as well. They are smaller and lighter than lithium-ion batteries while storing more energy. The technology is also expected to yield much faster charging times, with some estimates suggesting a full charge could be achieved in 10 minutes at a high-power public charger, rivalling the time required to fill an ICE vehicle gas tank. Cost reduction is also a feature, with some suggesting solid-state batteries could reduce the kilowatt-hour charge from the current $150 to $50, yielding a vehicle price savings as high as $10,000 while alos making the vehicle significantly lighter


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