Students enrolled in Vancouver Community College’s (VCC) Automotive Service Technician program will now be able to learn how to service and repair hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in addition to EVs and fossil fuel vehicles.

In an arrangement with Toyota Canada, VCC took possession of one of the first FCEVs made for the Canadian market – the Toyota Mirai.  FCEVs are powered by mixing hydrogen with oxygen in the air which creates the electricity that powers the vehicle. The only by-product emitted by its tailpipe is water, making it a zero-emission alternative to vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

Hydrogen as a clean energy alternative is supported at both the federal and provincial levels. In particular, the Province of B.C. has outlined how it plans to support climate change goals through its B.C. Hydrogen Strategy. As part of this strategy, FCEV adoption, as well as creating new jobs in the clean tech sector, are priorities.

This is where VCC steps in.

VCC’s Automotive Service Technician program oversees one of the largest working garages in the province and more than 600 students have graduated in the last two years alone. In the program, students learn how to diagnose, test, and repair vehicles using the latest technology.

Moreover, in 2021, VCC also became the first academic member to join Hydrogen BC, the regional branch of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA).

Acquiring the Toyota Mirai is VCC’s next step in ensuring its automotive service technician students are learning the latest technology and graduating with the job-ready skills that employers are looking for.

“We commend Vancouver Community College for having the foresight to provide B.C.’s future automotive service technicians with the training required to service the province’s growing fleet of hydrogen-powered FCEVs. As forward-thinking companies in BC continue to choose to decarbonize their high-use vehicle fleets with FCEVs like the Toyota Mirai, it’s vital that our dealerships have access to future technicians with the knowledge and experience required to service them.” said Stephen Beatty, Vice President, Corporate, Toyota Canada. 

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