North American fleet managers attended the 2019 NAFA Fleet Managements Association Institute and Expo at the Kentucky International Convention Centre, Louisville, Kentucky.

Canadian Fleet Workshop

Over 50 fleet professionals attended the highly informative Canadian Fleet Workshop. Discussions were led by Amy Reny, Fleet Manager from Terrapure, Kate Vigneau, Director of Professional Development, NAFA and Sara Church, District Manager, Pacific Region, ARI. Three key topics were of interest—the legalization of marijuana and what it means to fleets, improving fleet utilization, and lastly, electrification applications for Canadian fleets. The meeting allowed fleet managers to hear from their peers experiences, discuss challenges and best practices.

In regards to marijuana legalization, the term “fit for duty” was of key interest with fleet managers struggling to define the term in regards to marijuana use in their fleet policy. Some other concerns about weed legalization were drug impaired driving, liability and policy enforcement.

Kate Vigneau made some recommendations to increase fleet utilization, 1) increase ones understanding of fleet utilization 2) implement vehicle sharing technology and have a right size motor pool 3) being aware of shadow fleets and their hidden cost 4) the use of GPS tracking and telematics solutions are key for asset management 5) analyze personal use reimbursement policies and lastly, 6) enhance policies.

Sara Church concluded the workshop with a discussion on the feasibility of electric vehicles for Canadian Fleets. Of main concern was range and “fit for purpose”.  Fleet managers in the room expressed their anticipation for plug in electric pick-ups. Barb Tilley, Ford Canada commented “that Ford is making a 11 billion investment in that area into 2022.”

Attendees had a chance to network at the conclusion of the workshop.

Canadian Legislative Update

Fleet Managers, OEM, FMC representatives and other fleet professionals from across Canada attended NAFA’s Canadian Legislative Update meeting, sponsored by Mitsubishi Canada. Ray Brisby, Fleet Manager, Calgary Fire Department and recently named Senior Vice President, NAFA, moderated the event. Featured speaker, Huw Williams, President of Impact Affairs led the update, covering topics like the legalization of marijuana, the 2019 Federal Budget, ELD mandate and the Canadian-U.S-Mexico trade agreement.

Some key take away’s—the liberal governments future intended ZEV rebate program will be national and stackable. In respect to the legalization of marijuana, Huw said  “it is crucial that fleet managers inform employees on the new cannabis law and restrictions especially around impaired driving.” For ELD,  Huw said that while the Canadian ELD mandate is in development, fleets won’t have to worry about regulation issues for a while. They can however, monitor the U.S ELD mandate regulations, as Canada will mirror them closely once in place.

ARI’s Canadian Dinner

ARI hosted over 50 Canadian fleet representatives at its annual dinner during the NAFA I&E at Vincenzo’s restaurant. Geoff Seely, VP and General Manager of ARI Canada welcomed guests and thanked everyone for their attendance. “We are so pleased to continue the tradition and bring together such a large group for our Canadian NAFA Dinner, ARI is all about family and nothing says family like enjoying a great meal together.” Geoff toasted.

Expo Hall

The expo hall was buzzing with energy with over 800 fleet professionals per day visiting the hundreds of booth’s featuring the latest in fleet industry products, technology and services. Guests had the opportunity to network with OEM, FMC, upfitter and supplier subject matter experts on the floor.  Jim Laverty, Vehicle Pool Manager for the University of Alberta commented, “I find the Fleet Expo very informative and a great opportunity to see new and updated products. What I enjoy most is the opportunities to catch up with friends and peers in addition to attending the excellent learning opportunities at the various sessions.”

NAFA’s 2020 I&E will take place April 6th-8th at the Indiana Convention Centre in Indianapolis, IN.

Event moderator Ray Brisby, Calgary Fire Department with speaker Huw Williams, Impact Affairs.

Luc Grenier and Shawn Bryan, Mitsubishi Canada.

Amy Reny, Terrapure leads discussion on marijuana legalization’s impact on fleet.

Canadian fleet workshop speakers, Kate Vigneau, NAFA, Sara Church, ARI and Amy Reny, Terrapure.

GM’s Peter Bagnall and Peter Cornu flank Ford’s Barb Tilley.

Tim Stephens and Geoff Seely at the ARI Canadian dinner.

Mercedes-Benz Vans Iain Forsyth with Kathryn Gavrylec, Mercedes-Benz Corporate.

Ken Tuckey (far right), FCA with law enforcement customers Andres Casimiri, Ewan MacGregor and Greg Donawa.

Subaru’s Dave Forrest, Naomi Kislanski and Lorraine Smith.

Ford’s Carlos Gonzalez with customer Jim Laverty, University of Alberta.

Ken Tuckey, FCA with the 2019 Dodge Durango Special Service.

John Round, Danielle Nesbitt and Guillaume Bourst from Wheels Inc.

Peter Cornu and Peter Bagnall next to the 2020 Silverado HD.

Marc Chiarella representing Mazda Canada at the show.



John Robinson and Ron Glavota from Shell Fleet Solutions.

ADTS’s Mark Giangrasso and Karl New.

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