As part of all-new 2019 RAV4 launch, journalists were given the unique opportunity of touring the TMMC Woodstock Plant. The Woodstock plant has been manufacturing the RAV4 since 2008. The plant has since undergone a major shift to handle the production of the all-new 2019 RAV4, which began three weeks ago. Guests heard from Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada’s President Fred Volf as well as Toyota Canada’s President and CEO, Larry Hutchinson.

 Fred Volf spoke to the vehicles Toyota New Global Architecture platform (TNGA-K) that provides the foundation for the RAV4’s capability, comfort and safety. TNGA-K is the common platform for all Toyota vehicles built today. It also means that TMMC plants like Woodstock and Cambridge can switch to building many different models of Toyota vehicles with ease based on customer demand. This means a greater and more secure future for Ontario TMMC workers, Toyota Canada, and satisfied customers and suppliers.

 The 2019 RAV4 has 25% more parts, providing customers greater choice. Fred commented on his team at the Woodstock and Cambridge plant; “One of our greatest strengths here at TMMC is our ability to innovate and manage change. Our team is ready for the growth of the 5th generation RAV4.”

 Larry Hutchinson accompanied guests on the tour of the plant and shared his pride for the company and the all-new RAV4. “Toyota is committed to the quality of our vehicles and we are committed to where we build our vehicles.” Fred added, “There is a bright future for Toyota manufacturing vehicles in Ontario.”

 At full production, a new RAV4 will roll of the line every 60 seconds. The Woodstock and Cambridge plants employ 8,000 workers.

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