Over 200 fleet professionals from Canada and the United States came together in Toronto recently for the inaugural AFLA Canada 2020 Fleet Summit. The two-day event featured keynotes, benchmarking meetings and deep dives into issues of interest and concern for fleet owners, operators and managers. Over the course of the conference, attendees gained insights into how the convergence of technologies including vehicle electrification, advanced embedded vehicle telematics and AI powered data analytics will reshape the corporate and commercial fleet landscape.

The Summit began with an early fleet manager only session designed to facilitate peer-to-peer fleet data benchmarking. Canadian Automotive Fleet Publisher Keith McLaughlin’s informative and entertaining keynote address on top automotive trends and their impact on the Canadian commercial fleet market energized the audience and set the tone for the Summit.

Topics covered during the Summit, including order to delivery challenges, understanding fleet liability in regards to cannabis legalization, fleet policy and remarketing best practices, resonated with attendees. “The conference has been very informative” Said Jayme Gualtieri, Director of Corporate Services, Economical Insurance. “We are going to rethink our MVR policy based on some of the insights gained here.” Equally impressed by the content of the Summit was Jess Carter, Bristol Rentals. “We are definitely going to take another look at how we can employ vehicle telematics to great effect based on the information we picked up here.”

A key feature of the Summit was its ability to identify some of the differences between the Canadian and US fleet landscape and provided some clarity for fleet managers responsible for vehicles in both countries. “I was interested in coming to the Summit because you don’t know what you don’t know” commented SuYvonne Bell, Corporate for Gilead Sciences, INC. “The Summit has given me a greater understanding of the legal and regulatory environment our vehicles operate under here and some strategies to employ going forward to manage them effectively in our fleet operations.”

Karen Mongelli, Black and McDonald commented on her participation in the Women in Fleet Management (WiFM) panel,"I am humbled and grateful to have participated in the wifm panel discussion and share my experiences.  It was great to be in the company of good people with good energy."

The Summit built included many networking opportunities throughout the event, allowing fleet managers from Canada and the US to share best practices and experiences to better serve their respective fleets. So pleased with the success of the inaugural event, Summit organizers are looking forward to another Canadian event.

Keith McLaughlin delivered the Summit’s Keynote address.

 The Summit included  a Women in Fleet Management  panel conversation.

Gerry Corcoran and Brandon MacDonald, Jim Pattison Lease.

Kaitlyn Gervais and Jayme Gualtieri, Economical Insurance, flank Lucy Steed, Element during a networking break.

Gary Bruce, Wheels, moderated the Implementing Fleet Best Practices panel, featuring Anne Contala, AstraZeneca, Ryan Craig, 3M Canada and Jon Grant G4S Canada.

The Summit featured a peer-to-peer fleet benchmarking session.

Foss National/LeasePlan Canada team members. 

Keith McLaughlin, CAF, moderated a panel discussion on remarketing best practices.

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