Canadian Black Book recently celebrated its 60th year in the Canadian Automotive industry. In 1961 William (Bill) Ward entered a partnership with Black Book in the U.S., who had been operating for six years already. At that time, William Ward Publishing licensed the Black Book trademark for use in Canada, and Canadian Black Book was born.

Bill began the company by traveling from dealer-to-dealer across Ontario to begin selling little black books stacked full of valuation data for all makes and models of cars in Canada. That quickly became a national endeavour, and the CBB team and its reputation began to grow. In short order, Canadian Black Book was solidified as the preeminent provider of used vehicle values to the Canadian auto industry.

From day one, the company has always prided themselves on the fact that they provide the most precise valuation data derived from entirely Canadian transactional information. 

“The history and reputation of this company has secured its place as the most well-known and trusted source for vehicle valuation data for Canada’s OEMs, banks, financers, insurers and dealers alike,” says Yolanda Biswah, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Canadian Black Book. “What sets us apart is our commitment to providing Canada’s
auto sector with Canadian specific data and advanced analytics. Bill Ward figured this out many years ago, and today we continue his legacy. Our clients constantly tell us how valuable our domestic based data is to assist with their
business goals.”

Bill Ward handed the business over to his daughter Kathy Ward in 2006, who he acknowledged was better positioned to bring the business further in the era of digital solutions. In 2015, Kathy negotiated the sale of Canadian Black
Book to Hearst, who owns and operates Black Book (US).

Today, the company has grown into a leading data provider of vehicle valuations, residual value forecast solutions, data and analytics and VIN decoding.  

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