Larry Hutchinson.
Larry Hutchinson.

Toyota Canada Inc., (TCI) hosted a dinner for Canadian industry stakeholders in Toronto in the lead-up to Canadian International Auto Show. Larry Hutchinson, President and CEO, TCI, spoke about efforts to reduce carbon emissions and the company’s role in achieving those goals. 

“As an industry – and as a country - our focus should be on overall carbon reduction: not just on selling zero emissions vehicles,” said Hutchinson. “Getting there will require a comprehensive approach that offers Canadian consumers a choice of technologies and related charging or fueling infrastructure that meet a broad range of needs and will lead to an overall reduction of greenhouse gases.” 

Hutchinson explained that the goal should be to reduce carbon emissions, and that multiple powertrain technologies are needed to play their own unique role. 

“Canadian governments are on a mission to reduce carbon emissions, and Toyota shares the same mission. In fact, it’s one of our company’s most important goals,” Hutchinson stated. “But there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to meeting Canadian drivers’ needs, so public policy focusing solely on the sale of zero emission vehicles may miss the real target of overall greenhouse gas reduction.” 

Toyota has been selling its hybrid Prius for over 20 years, and has sold over 11 million electrified vehicles (hybrid, PHEV, BEV, and hydrogen fuel cell) globally, resulting in a reduction of over 90 million tonnes of CO2. Hutchinson also highlighted the use of hydrogen technology, on its new Mirai. 

“Hybrid electric vehicles have done so well here because there’s no confusion or concern about cold weather, charging times or range limits. We need to ensure that any new, advanced-technology vehicle we introduce continues to deliver the practicality, convenience and affordability consumers desire.” 

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