The NAFA Ontario Chapter held its first Annual Toronto International Auto Show Breakfast on February 22nd at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Doors opened at 7:30am as guests were invited to enjoy breakfast and network with their peers.

Mark Boutilier, NAFA Chapter Chair and Director of Business and Fleet Development for Action Car & Truck welcomed 65 fleet industry professionals and gave a special thank you to the event’s sponsors. Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, Action Car & Truck, FCA, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW,  Shell and Fix Auto all contributed to making the event a success.

 Blair Earle from Impact Auto and Peter Snoyer from ADESA kickstarted the morning with presentations addressing “Emerging Trends” in Remarketing. The pair covered issues like auction use advantages, managing depreciation, electric vehicle residual values, the digital auction and more. Blair addressed the hot topic of EV’s and admitted that currently “EV’s only account for 0.25% of our vehicles at auction, however, we are putting policies in place for the expected upsurge in EV’s for the future. EV’s will need to be handled differently at auction, from storage, employee training, safety protocols and more.”

Peter spoke to the moving trend towards the digital age of the auction business, where through apps like TradeRev, more and more buying and trading of vehicles is happening on a mobile device. ADESA has introduced “Virtual Lanes” where the vehicles at auction never physically drive down the runway, instead buyers bid on screens.

"Blair Earle from Impact Auto and Peter Snoyer from Adesa both delivered excellent presentations on Emerging Trends in Remarketing that engaged the crowd. After the presentations, the group was sent out into the Auto Show to visit OEM displays and participate in our Passport Event. Everyone enjoyed their time and we feel it was a very successful day that is sure to become a must attend event in the years to come." said Mark Boutilier.  

Blair Earle, Impact Auto covers emerging trends in remarketing.

Michael Cole, MTO and Carlos Gonzalez, Ford with the 2019 Ford Explorer. 

Claude Malette, FCA shows off the 2019 Ram HD. 

Jim Stachecki, Kathryn Gavrylec, Mercedes-Benz flank Kim Colgan, Allergan and Foss/Leaseplan’s Deborah Pavao and Jennifer Chapman.

Subaru’s Lorraine Smith and Naomi Kislanski flank Dave Forrest.

 Element’s Joe Gatto, Aaron Forer, Joe Tavares and William Furtado with Brent Smith, Ford.

Kamran Ansani representing KIA Fleet next to the all new Niro.

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