Toyota Canada Inc., recently hosted its annual corporate dinner in Toronto in the lead-up to the 2020 Canadian International Auto Show. The event brought media, partners and company executives together to discuss the future of the automotive industry and Toyota’s initiatives to excel in that future.

Larry Hutchinson, President and CEO, Toyota Canada delivered a speech about our responsibility as a country to solve climate change and reduce emissions. Larry believes that the government and the auto industry have important roles to play in order to be apart of this solution. He spoke to the growing push towards battery electric vehicles (BEV) and government incentives when he believes, BEV’s are not the solution at the moment due to a myriad of reasons including cost and infrastructure. Instead, Larry made a compelling argument that hybrid vehicles can make a large carbon emission impact- today.

“If overall carbon reduction is our true goal – and we think it should be – public policy needs to embrace, not discourage, potentially larger, lower cost solutions using already available and in-demand technology,” Hutchinson said. Hybrids and plug in hybrids are “more economical with no compromises,” Hutchinson explained. “A better product and a better driving experience. And we’re planning to offer Canadians even more exciting hybrids and plug-in hybrids, including better, lower-emission SUVs.”

Toyota is celebrating its recent dominance of the Canadian Black Book Best Residual Value Awards. Toyota/Lexus leads the way, as in every previous year, with the most Awards with 9 category wins. For 2020, Toyota also earned an “Overall Brand Award” for both Car and Truck categories. The annual Canadian Black Book Best Retained Value Awards  recognize vehicles that have retained the greatest percentage of their original MSRP over the past four years (since 2016).

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