While there may never be a perfect time to transition your fleet to electric vehicles (EVs), today's tailwinds such as legislation, incentives, and growing support for corporate sustainability makes the topic of fleet electrification more opportune than ever. In fact, BCG expects 47% of all light vehicles sold globally will be fully electric or hybrids by 20251. On the OEM side, EV proliferation continues to increase in the near term as announced EV models are expected to jump from 300 in 2021 to over 1,000 in 20302.

But how does this translate for corporate fleet operations? As part of Element’s recent Market Pulse Survey, 82% of respondents reported having already begun their EV journey by identifying themselves as either researching, executing, or launching an electrification program. While it may seem daunting to prepare for fleet electrification, the good news is our experience has shown that targeted first steps put fleets of all sizes in a greater position for success.

Crawl. Walk. Run.

Element is currently working with dozens of clients who are planning or launching an EV pilot. The goal of these pilot programs is to properly align strategic electrification planning with company sustainability goals and other organizational mandates. We plan for long-term success with our clients through thoughtfully designed launch plans and playbooks designed especially for their specific fleet. In most cases, the recommended first step is to identify one (or more) internal stakeholder(s) – individuals who will be influential in the decision-making process and those who can champion the electrification efforts across departments.

As our clients continue toward electrification, our team provides expert guidance through the initial discovery and planning process. Working together to identify key components of our client’s unique EV journey allows us to recommend appropriate next steps for large-scale readiness.

These considerations can include, but are not limited to:

  • How does EV model availability compare to your current fleet composition?
  • Has your organization defined a budget for investment in a charging infrastructure strategy, or EV service equipment?
  • How will data from vehicle telematics and charging stations be integrated into your fleet analytics?
  • Have you thought about updating your driver training and policy programs to cover the nuances of operating an EV?

Choose your partners wisely

Planning for and executing a full EV transition cannot be done alone – it requires active collaboration from internal and external partners. As such, it is essential to choose partners who can minimize organizational anxieties and support your goals both strategically and materially. Element clients benefit from the experience gained from every EV pilot launch that we have led, providing you with access to expert advice and thoughtful navigation through the challenges of EV adoption for your organization.

Element offers an extensive network of strategic partnerships around the globe to support clients with vehicle acquisition, infrastructure and charging solutions, and simply navigating the evolving ecosystem of EV service providers and regulatory changes.

Our notable collaborations in the EV marketplace include working with Qmerit, ChargePoint, and Enel X. These partnerships allow us to offer end-to-end charging solutions for your drivers at the onset of your EV pilot and full deployment.

The Element approach to electrification

With 1 million vehicles under management, Element has the broadest and deepest dataset in the fleet management industry – spanning manufacturers, geographies, and tens of thousands of use cases. This positions us at the heart of decarbonization and our core sustainability objective is to enable our clients to reduce their carbon emissions.

Element’s expert consulting team continues to advise clients in planning for a comprehensive EV transition beginning with pilots to lay the foundation of your journey. Our program is tailored specifically to your organization and extends through to full-service fleet management execution covering EV-ready operational aspects like vehicle acquisition and ordering, vehicle delivery and charging deployment (home, workplace, public, or combination) collision and maintenance, through to remarketing.

Arc by Element

Following the success of our EV program in Australia and New Zealand, and the development of an industry-leading service offering in North America, Element has launched Arc by Element. The launch of this global electrification solution allows us to leverage our global scale and bring best practices across geographies to help our clients prudently accelerate sustainability objectives for their fleet.

Arc by Element provides holistic support designed to help clients navigate and simplify the complex transition from ICE vehicles to EVs. This includes unique EV support spanning upfront planning, acquisition, financing, ongoing maintenance, power and accident management, and remarketing. In addition, Element will work with clients to:

  • Design data-driven EV pilot programs and full EV deployment,
  • Determine the right fit-for-use vehicle transition,
  • Provide guidance and support for public and private incentives,
  • Bridge connections to our network of EV-specialized providers,
  • Build out essential EV charging solutions and infrastructure,
  • Train and support for drivers and management

Element is ready to help you confidently navigate the path forward and establish an effective EV roadmap. For more information, visit my.elementfleet.com/arc.


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