As BMW’s presence in Canadian fleet sales has grown over the years, so has its reputation for quality, utility and efficiency, wrapped in a rewarding driving experience. Now more than ever, fleet customers are looking for reliable vehicles and quality service. BMW is striving to offer not only superior products, but also the support and service that fleet drivers need to ensure peace of mind through a stress-free ownership experience.

The first part of the equation – quality products – is well represented by BMW’s lineup of Sport Activity Vehicles (SAV), particularly the X1, X3 and X5.  For 2020, BMW’s SAV lineup has been updated to ensure customers are receiving the latest in technology, safety, innovation and performance. 

Advances in technology such as standard Apple CarPlay and iDrive 7 allow consumers to customize their driving experience and ensure seamless integration between their vehicle  and personal devices. BMW’s ConnectedDrive system allows you to use countless services and apps from a range of categories including travel, office and entertainment. Features such as ‘My Info’ or ‘BMW Online’ applications make sure you always remain fully informed. BMW Online Weather and ECO PRO Analyser give you perfect services for travel and navigation. You can also take your office into your BMW: with Bluetooth Office and BMW Online Office. 

Safety and driving performance have always been top priorities for BMW. xDrive, BMW’s intelligent all-wheel drive system, adjusts the car in fractions of a second to new conditions and distributes the driving forces to where they are needed. The result is optimum traction, control and stability, no matter the driving conditions. 

To reinforce BMW’s commitment to efficiency and sustainability, all SAVs are equipped with EfficientDynamics. This package includes intelligent energy management, lightweight construction, aerodynamics and engine efficiency measures that minimize fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. With a wide selection of electrified or fully electric sedans and SUV models, BMW is committed to helping businesses build an efficient fleet. By 2023 the manufacturer will have at least 25 electrified vehicles, and recently announced the addition of a hydrogen-powered X5 by 2022. 

The second pillar of BMW's fleet formula is its Corporate Sales Program, providing companies access to a full lineup of BMW and MINI vehicles. The program stands out from the crowd thanks to BMW’s advancements in technology, innovation and safety features, but also thanks to BMW’s unrivaled ownership experience and various corporate partnerships. 

BMW strives to provide all customers with a seamless ownership experience, and peace of mind. Customers are covered by BMW’s no-charge scheduled maintenance program, which covers all factory-recommended maintenance including oil services and scheduled inspections for four years or 80,000 km. It is BMW’s way of ensuring the quality and performance consumers expect when driving the ultimate driving machine. 

Business needs are always changing, never more so than during today’s unprecedented times. As a result, the brand is offering customers a safe and convenient way to ensure their vehicles get the attention they need. Limited contact service appointments, online bookings, video chats with technicians, cleaning and disinfection and interior protection are just some of the ways BMW is striving to ensure the safety of its customers. BMW’s combination of superior products, peace of mind, utility and efficiency are a constant fleet customers can count on, today and tomorrow.

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