Over the last two years, fleet managers have had to operate under pandemic measures, with profound economic obstacles, supply chain disruptions, vehicles shortages and soaring service demands while continually finding ways to save time and money for their business.

To help address the challenges faced by fleet managers today and to prepare businesses for tomorrow, Shell Fleets Solutions has developed a data-driven fleet management platform, the Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub. This user-friendly dashboard, accessible either through desktop or mobile, allows you to get more out of your vehicle for longer with minimal time invested.

Save time

The Hub allows you to keep all fleet maintenance data on a centralized platform. Beyond making vehicle data easily searchable and accessible, the Hub gives users access to advanced reporting tools that allow both managers and owners to turn this information into actionable insights. Maintenance scheduling and reminders can also be automated, reducing the need for manual data entry and limiting the potential for human error, saving fleet managers valuable time.

Save money

Understanding where each vehicle is in the service cycle and scheduling preventive maintenance at the right moment, minimizes downtime and maximizes continued operations.

In addition to cost savings via maintenance efficiency, the Hub offers discounted pricing at Shell’s cross-country network of more than 1,000 trusted maintenance providers with the oversight of Automotive Service Excellence* certified technicians, ensuring the best service for the best price and enabling business continuity through optimized vehicle performance.

Increase safety

With the average vehicle now containing more than 200 sensors and producing up to 4 TB of data daily, the Hub provides the tools to turn this huge volume of information into critical real-time insights, giving drivers advanced notice of potential safety issues and contributing to the well-being of all road users.

Full integration

The Hub seamlessly integrates with other Shell Fleet Solutions services, such as Shell Telematics™ and the Shell Fleet Navigator® Card so you can monitor all your vehicle, driver, and fuel data in one place.

More than simply maintenance

Managing and operating a fleet of vehicles can be challenging at the best of times. While global vehicle supply catches up with demand, fleet managers will need access to all the tools and assistance they can get to maximize vehicle longevity. And as we transition to a post-pandemic world, fleet operators must be prepared to pivot and compete in a larger, more competitive landscape. By tapping into the data and insights provided by the Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub, fleet managers can ensure they are making the most of their current vehicles and setting their business up for success for years to come.

The future of fleet management is centralized and simplified. Are you ready to get onboard?

To learn more about the Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub please visit Shell.ca/maintenancehub.


*ASE certified mechanics review major services provided by maintenance partners.

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