Mercedes-Benz Vans Canada’s new head of National Sales, Fleet Sales and Sales Operations, Ignacio Enrique Pierrez Llambi, spoke with CAF about his new role, where the fleet market is going and how Mercedes-Benz Vans is well positioned to serve fleets needs today and tomorrow.

You are coming from a country with a population of approximately 45 million with vehicle sales in 2020 of roughly 340,000 vehicles to Canada with a population of 37 million with light vehicles sales of 1.54 million in 2020. What are some of the key differences between the markets and how are they alike? - CAF

I think understanding the market conditions is key to understanding those sales volumes. Recently, Argentina has been experiencing a challenging and volatile economy, which has complicated demand for vehicles. If you look back to 2013, when the market conditions in Argentina were more stable, there were nearly a million vehicles sold. In terms of differences, Argentina has a much smaller dealer network – about half the size of Canada’s. In my role with Mercedes-Benz Vans Canada, I am looking forward to working with a larger dealer network and building relationships with our Canadian dealers and customers. 

While there are differences between the two countries, when you look at Mercedes-Benz Vans customers, there are many similarities. Regardless of geography, Vans customers are typically looking at their Vvan as a business tool. Our customers all have unique needs and challenges when it comes to running their business. Our advantage is that we offer a versatile product line-up, with customizable and scalable solutions, which allows us to cater to all business needs. - Ignacio 

There has been a lot of conversation about the electrification of the commercial fleet space. Legacy OEMs and new players are placing big bets on electric vans. With the introduction of the new 4-cylinder diesel engine, Mercedes-Benz Vans continues to be bullish about ICE technology, please expand on why this is? - CAF

Our success at Mercedes-Benz Vans depends on meeting customer demand now, while keeping an eye to the future and continuing to innovate so we can continue to offer what customers need in the future.

Our role is to offer our customers the solutions they want and need for their business and in Canada., there is high demand for diesel engines among Vans customers. That , which is why we are happy to be re-introducing this engine.

While we continue to offer combustion engines to meet consumer demand, Mercedes-Benz Vans has a clear strategy towards electrification. The electric future is coming and our objective will continue to be to offer our customers future-oriented solutions that set new standards in the van segment. - Ignacio 

Covid-19, semi-conductor shortages, and the globalization of vehicle platforms and production are among the challenges to many traditional fleet practices. How do Mercedes-Benz Vans products support the new realities Canadian fleet managers are operating in? - CAF

We know that Vans customers are increasingly looking for customized solutions to meet specific business challenges. This is particularly true as businesses are getting creative to deal with the challenges of operating during a global pandemic. At Mercedes-Benz Vans, we offer a versatile, customizable and scalable product line up to cater to those specific business needs. Our portfolio offers a combination of variants and options to give fleet managers the possibility to build a Van specifically tailored for their business. - Ignacio 

What are some of the things that excite you professionally and personally about your new opportunity as National Sales, Fleet Sales and Sales Operations Manager, Mercedes-Benz Vans Canada? - CAF

From the professional side, I must say I am really excited to have the chance to work in an incredible country where I see a lot of opportunity to build on and expand our product portfolio. I’m really looking forward to meeting the Canadian dealer network, and our fleet customers. It’s my priority to get to know these important colleagues and customers and to learn about their needs and challenges. In the process, I think I will have an opportunity to learn more about the geography of this country, and the industries and culture of different cities and towns across Canada. 

On the personal side, I am married and have two kids. I think moving to Canada will be an amazing experience for the whole family. We love adventure, outdoor activities, and learning about the traditions and the history of different countries. I’ve been doing my homework and reading a lot, but I’m sure I will discover something new every day and it will be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to eventually travelling around the country to get to know the local food, sports and culture of the different regions. - Ignacio

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