With 36 locations across Canada, Action Car and Truck Accessories is a leader in offering the latest and most advanced products from their over 500+ Commercial Fleet Equipment suppliers. Fleet Vans & Trucks caught up with Mark Boutilier from Action as he was preparing for the company’s 2019 Product Expo to learn more about the truck tech that fleet operators are using to increase productivity and safety while keeping a close eye on costs in their organizations.

There are a lot of newer products fleets can put to work in their vehicles. Pull out tray systems or tool drawers allow users to remain outside of their vehicle while accessing their tools and equipment. There has also been an increase in drop down ladder rack systems as fleets migrate to today’s taller full size “Euro” style vans. Drop down racks prevent over reaching, stretching and eliminate heavy, overhead lifting. These systems decrease strain and related injury while speeding job completion.

Action Car and Truck Accessories recently completed a Customer Evaluation Report after travelling with a telecom company’s technician to gauge how to make their vans work more efficiently while on the job. From our observations we found on average the technician had to climb into his van 3-4 times per call and spent about 17 minutes retrieving items needed inside the van. We took this data and worked with our suppliers to come up with a solution to reconfigure the upfit design. By replacing shelving with pull out trays and drawers, we were able to cut time spent retrieving items by over 70 percent. When it comes to electronic and digital technology, there are more options available than ever before.

There have been major Improvements in the LED beacon market, including reduced amperage draws and program features that flash rapidly when the vehicle battery is low are now available. Camera systems, including back up and DVR dash cams, have increased the safety of both operators and the public, as well as provide video evidence in the event of an accident or incident.

GPS allows employers to help employees increase efficiency, while at the same time allowing consumers to track deliveries or service in real time. Asset tracking can also have insurance cost benefits. By utilizing GPS and Camera systems that link to one another, and Fleet Managers have the ability to review incidents and compile a accurate account of the activities of any vehicle in service. By viewing the GPS data and linking it to video from the same time stamp, companies can use this data for personal reviews, safety meetings and other related activities.

Electric preheating systems are increasingly popular. Not having vehicles idling in the winter for as long or often, can produce significant fuel cost savings. The use of power inverters instead of generators is a great way to green a fleet. Adding insulated walls and heating units (both gas or coolant) help workers on jobsites in frigid temperatures work effectively in mobile workstations. Running these systems through inverter setups reduce fuel consumption significantly. The ability to utilize invertershoreline power allows units to be essentially self-sufficient.

Laptop stands are improving to provide ergonomically correct positions and have the ability to be moved out of the way while driving. New technology to prevent distracted drivers applies to devices enabled through the electrical port on the stand to prevent use while the vehicle is in motion. Custom fit floor liners are also an overlooked technology that protect delicate wiring harness and under seat mounted batteries that are essential for running these new productivity tools. As an added bonus they can also add in the resale value for a vehicle.

Action Car and Truck Accessories is a leader in innovative products we supply and install for our customers. With so many options to choose from, our customers rely on us to provide the right product at the right price at the right location. To learn more about products that are leading the way in technology and innovation register for our annual Product Expo Sunday, February 10, 2019 at the Toronto Congress Centre. With over 75 leading suppliers in attendance showcasing their products, the Expo is the ideal environment to find the truck tech that’s right for your fleet. Register at:www.actionexposhow.com

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