Nissan has announced the debut of the all-new 1.5-liter variable compression (VC) Turbo engine available for the 2022 Rogue. Mated with a responsive new transmission, the 2022 Rogue equipped with the 1.5L VC Turbo engine, delivers improved power, fuel economy, and more thrilling driving experience.

The new powertrain delivers 201 horsepower and 225 lb-ft of torque – an increase of 11 percent and 24 percent respectively versus the 2021 Rogue. Even with the increased power, the 2022 Rogue's available estimated fuel economy is 7.6 L/100km combined (AWD).

VC-Turbo technologies for the 2022 Rogue's 1.5-liter VC-Turbo 3-cylinder focus on improving performance in three areas: acceleration, fuel economy and emissions. A new high-pressure fuel injection system helps enhance acceleration, as does the stainless mirror-bore cylinder-wall coating. New textured valve lifters reduce friction and improve overall engine efficiency while a vacuum low-pressure die-cast cylinder head improves engine cooling. In addition, the 2022 Rogue features a new engine mounting system that uses two lower torque rods to enhance engine vibration isolation with high torque support.

With a 17 percent wider gear ratio coverage and 32 percent lower friction (than the previous transmission), the new available Xtronic transmission also drives better acceleration feel and enhanced fuel economy in the 2022 Rogue.

New transmission technologies include a twin oil pump system and newly developed control valve system. The twin oil pump system combines a small mechanical pump (with small oil flow) for slow shifting between low and high ratios, while the second electric oil pump (with larger oil flow) provides quicker shifting for hard driving situations.

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