Forward-thinking business approach
Staying competitive in today's increasingly tough automotive fleet market requires a proactive, innovative approach to cost reductions and sustainability. Both are essential factors for Strike Group's business partnerships.

The company's recent collaboration with Canada-based TELUS has enabled Strike Group to look forward to a positive, sustainable future with reduced fleet costs, enhanced safety protocols, integrated electronic logging devices (ELD), and long-term productivity.


Alignment with core values
Geoff Adams, Manager of Fleet & Equipment of Strike Group, is proud of his company's respected brand, blue-chip customers, and forward-thinking approach to innovation, Indigenous relations, and sustainability.


He also considers Strike to have the safest fleet on the road – the company got the Alberta Construction Safety Association's (ACSA's) Trailblazer Award 2022 for its commitment to workplace safety – and believes that any new business partnership has to align with those core values.

"Safety is our number one priority so, as the fleet grew, we decided to invest in a technologically- advanced telematics system that would ensure every employee comes home safe at the end of the day," he says. "The TELUS telematics program provides a substantial amount of data points to measure the fleet's vehicular activities. Real-time data such as monitoring speed infractions, safety alerts, and in-depth data input for incident resolution or instant investigation helps us be proactive in increasing safety."


Strike Group's Employee Motor Vehicle Incident Frequency (EMVIF), up to June 2022, sits at 0.4 incidents per million kilometres driven, compared to 1.49 incidents 8 years ago. As Geoff comments: "We already have a high driver-retention rate, and the drivers appreciate how the new telematics program helps us keep them even safer, so it helps to get bigger buy-in."

The EMVIF calculates the number of motor vehicle incidents (MVIs) the company will have if one million kilometres are driven in a year. (The formula is calculated as follows: MVIF = (# of MVIs * 1,000,000)/ number of kilometres the company has driven in 12 months.)

Korrina Warners, Manager, Marketing & Communications with Strike Group, adds that finding a Canadian provider was also important from a sustainability viewpoint: "For us, the visibility of our moving assets is key. TELUS is unique as a business partner; its products enable us to measure various KPIs to ensure our driver behaviour is in check – or take remedial action if necessary."

Proactive ELD compliance

"It was also important for us to find a partner that could align us with our electronic logging device (ELD) goals," continues Geoff. "We have 330 trucks on the road and the TELUS fleet management solution fits with our scope of business and our ELD compliance as we can record critical data including hours driven, locations, and fuel consumption. We want to be proactive ahead of full enforcement in January 2023."

Korrina comments that the change from paper logs to electronic devices not only increases efficiency but has also led to more technology-minded employees working with other drivers to overcome initial resistance.


Unexpected benefits: Brand perception and insurance savings
"The safer our drivers can be on the road, the better our brand reputation because we're driving professionally," says Korrina. "All our trucks are branded with the Strike logo so people know when we are driving safe and when we are not."

Strike Group regularly wins awards for safety, and the company's long-standing safety record is a big part of the fleet's vehicle branding.

Korrina adds that aligning with TELUS enables the company to pursue innovative solutions and adopt new technologies that are increasingly necessary to stay competitive in the business fleet market.

The alignment with TELUS also helps with insurance costs and renewals. "The insurance companies are getting more granular and they're asking about the company used for telematics data," explains Geoff. "Having a reputable brand like TELUS reduces our risk in the eyes of an insurance company.

Ready for the future
"Having technologically-advanced telematics in our fleet also helps us when we're bidding on new projects," says Geoff. "For some clients, that level of telematics data is already mandatory, while informing new clients that we have that advanced data capability and visibility goes a long way."

Clients are also increasingly asking about Strike's green sustainability practices, says Korrina: "They want to track a vendor's carbon footprint, and the telematics data allows us to provide that information back to our customers. Previously, we couldn't offer that in-depth reporting, so now we're far more competitive."

Geoff concludes: "Looking into the future, there are synergies between the Strike Group and TELUS brand, and the partnership aligns with our vision to be a sustainable, professionally-led, and profitable organization."

To find out how TELUS Fleet Management can make your fleet smarter, safer and more sustainable, click here.

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