The COVID-19 Pandemic created unprecedented circumstances that will forever change the automotive industry for years to come. As Mercedes-Benz Vans continues to navigate the uncharted waters of the current market, one thing has never wavered, our dedication to our dealers, fleet customers, and the public at large.

Over the last few months, the workday has no longer been the same for many of Canada’s workers. Fleets of vehicles have never been more important as they are the backbone of the community, delivering essential supplies, food and parcels to the community.

These initiatives are aimed to support Mercedes-Benz Vans customers directly and the organizations delivering products to the public and medical establishments.

Home Delivery Program

Mercedes-Benz Vans has extended its fleet incentives to Home Delivery Services Providers. This program, offers Dealer Fleet program incentives to extend to non-fleet home delivery service companies.

3-Month Payment Waivers

On top of aggressive monthly sales programs and to weather the financial storm caused by the COVID-19-generated business disruptions. Mercedes-Benz Vans have enacted 3-month payment waivers to support existing and prospective customers, and has taken the proactive measure of offering 3-month payment waivers on select 2019 Metris and Sprinter models.

Whether existing or prospective customers, these measures are in place to ensure that fleets and other essential businesses and organizations have access to available Mercedes-Benz Vans throughout the duration of the pandemic.


The Mercedes-Benz’s corporate humanitarian commitment goes beyond providing an essential vehicle at a critical time.  It has begun producing medical components at its Stuttgart, Germany, manufacturing facility. With the help of 3D printers, our plants can produce up to 150,000 plastic and metal components for medical purposes. 

In this time of crisis, Mercedes-Benz Vans provides a range of vehicle options that have built the kind of reputation necessary to serve — with low total cost ownership, strong reliability, and a well-established safety profile — as a tool for first responders and other essential workers.

To find out how Mercedes-Benz Vans can support you, contact your local dealer today.

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