When it comes to vehicle branding, it’s important to recognize how your vehicles can best represent your company with quality graphics and marketing messages.

According to the Traffic Audit Bureau a vehicle advertisement can get 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicular impressions. The power of vehicle wraps is significant for brand recognition and corporate image. CAF sat down with Canada Fleet Graphics to get their expert advice on vehicle wrapping.

What should fleet managers be aware of when planning to wrap or decal a vehicle?

We recommend that the fleet manager ensure that they receive the client’s approval on the wrap’s graphics and layout to maximize efficiencies on timing. In addition, a list of vehicles, unit numbers, languages and any personalized requirements should be strategized and communicated. Due dates and time of delivery should be taken into account when composing the final plan for submission of the wrapping of the vehicle.

We also recommend that simplicity is better when it comes to vehicle wraps. People are busy, the graphics should be clear and easy to read. The less busy the better for brand recognition.

Fleet operators are busy people. How is the vehicle wrapping process integrated into an upfitting program?

Integrating the graphic installation into the upfitting program is ideal as it saves time and resources. When you have the production of the decals and the installation under the same roof, it is not only cost efficient but reduces the risk of missed deadlines. It ensures that if there are any issues with the supply it can be solved immediately. At Canada Fleet Graphics, we have the facility and the relationship with Adrian Steel to incorporate the graphic production and installation into the upfitting program, so our clients don’t need to deal with multiple contractors.

What are the advantages of vehicle wraps versus other approaches?

Vehicle wraps is a cost efficient way of having constant exposure of your brand everywhere you go. It is a non-aggressive marketing technique that allows for broad reach and catches people’s attention when they least expect it. It also builds your brand equity, as individuals will become more familiar with your brand due to the exposure.

Lastly, vehicle wraps can be removed, unlike paint. This helps protect the residual value of your vehicles when it comes time to replace them.

Apart from advertising messages, how can vehicle wraps be used?

If you incorporate a full wrap on your vehicle, it actually works as a shield that helps protect your car from damages from scratches or weather conditions. This is a great way to get your message out there while also protecting your assets.

Some clients wrap their back or side windows with vinyl that matches the colour of their vehicle for security purposes. Being a solid color will block the view of their products and tools inside the vehicle.

Take our readers through the process from start to finish:


  1. Design: In this process we make sure that we create layouts for all the different vehicles in our clients fleet, and also verified the personalization and language for each decal kit. In case that our client’s want to create a layout from scratch our graphic design department will be happy to create and develop the client’s ideas.


  1. Production: Once the design is approved, we will take those files to our production department. Using top edge technology (printers, plotters, laminators )we will print and cut the best vinyl in the market to ensure long term durability and high quality graphics.


  1. Removal: If  required in case of re-branding


  1. Install: Our certified and experienced installers will use proper techniques to ensure that the vinyl adheres to the surface following the layout provided by the design department.


Which materials or products do you use to protect against Canadian road and weather conditions?

High quality, bubble free Vinyl is laminate and installed on the vehicles using state of the     art techniques under the right temperature and humidity level. This ensures that our customers receive the best quality graphics in the market.

What is the average order to delivery time per vehicle?

This is a function of the square feet needed. However, typically a full wrap for one vehicle will be completed in a day, a half wrap for one vehicle will be completed in half a day and side decals could take up to 2 hours per vehicle.

Are there any limitations on the clients creative in respect to the materials you use in terms of color and depth?

No limitations per se, we cater to our client’s needs. We guarantee an exact color match for any of the creative used in the past. We create a record for each client with the material and color codes used over the years. However, we highly recommend to use materials that are bubble free to ensure a clean finish and fast delivery.

Who are some of the companies you have done vehicle wraps for that can be seen on the roads today?

We are proud of our current portfolio. Please see below a list of our clients:

The Home Depot

Shoppers Drugs Mart

Bell Canada

Ryder / Crown






Johnson Controls

Service Experts

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