Audi’s newest A6 luxury sedan has matured over seven generations to become a serious expression of driving satisfaction.

In 1964, Auto Union GmbH was acquired by Volkswagenwerk AG and, during this time, carmakers from Ingolstadt were prohibited from developing their own vehicles. The head of Development, Dr. Ludwig Kraus, wasn’t a fan of this, so in secret, a team developed the Audi 100. As the head of Volkswagen AG, Heinrich Nordhoff, walked slowly around the Audi 100, he said the words that paved the way for Audi as we know it today: “That’s a good-looking car. That’s a very good looking car. Audi, you have the green light.” The Audi C1 100 was the first generation of what we know today as the Audi A6. It’s gone through seven generations, leading up to the all-new C8 A6. 

Offering the latest in innovative technologies with end-to-end digitalization, and a better driving experience through improved comfort and handling, the A6 is deserving of being on any executive vehicle selector.   The new A6 comes in two model choices, the A6 45 TFSI quattro that delivers 248 hp/273 lb-ft of torque in addition to the A6 55 TFSI quattro that ramps up to 335 hp/369 lb-ft of torque. From a performance perspective, Audi never disappoints. But what was most impressive about the A6 is its combination of power and low fuel consumption. The all-new V6 turbocharged engine delivers smooth power and performance paired with a new standard 48-volt-mild-hybrid technology that supports the TDSI engine and functions as the main vehicle electrical system to provide enhanced efficiency. For highway commutes, A6 got an impressive fuel economy of 7.5L/100km. The A6 is also the only car in its segment to have both all-wheel drive and a MHEV come standard.

The sedan is noticeably more dynamic than the previous year’s model, due to improved suspension solutions. A new damping system provides more precise feedback from the road, allowing for improved handling and increased comfort. It is also offers a generous amount of space, especially in rear legroom. And nothing says luxury like getting a massage on your way to the office. With top-of-the-line options including customized contour front seats with numerous adjustment options, ventilation and massage, the Audi A6 makes driving to work fun, and sitting in traffic…relaxing. 

Getting behind the wheel of a brand new vehicle that’s loaded with technology can be intimidating. While the A6 is jam packed with technology like heads up display, an all-digital MMI touch response system, a total of 39 driver assistance systems and more, what was most impressive was how intuitive the connectivity features were for the driver to use and understand. 

With safety features like active cruise assist, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic assist and intersection assist, A6 covers all bases.  Available Turn assist and Top view camera system with Virtual 360 degree view are also primary unique selling points as many of its competitors do not offer similar technology. The adaptive cruise assist, besides offering adaptive cruise control and predictive efficiency assist, also includes the bottleneck assist which assists the driver with maneuvering the vehicle longitudinally in roadworks. Also included are the traffic jam assist and the Audi active lane assist, which helps keep the vehicle in lane with gentle steering intervention. Emergency assist enhances safety by bringing the vehicle to a stop in an emergency and making an emergency call. 

The A6 offers an extensive suite of connectivity solutions for added convenience and personalization. The latest MMI navigation plus includes a self-learning function that generates search suggestions based on frequently driven routes. The route guidance can also factor in traffic conditions throughout the region with data collected by online servers. The all-new MMI touch response system replaces the rotary dial and conventional buttons and controls of the preview model with two large, high-resolution touch displays. The new touch displays are as  intuitive as using a smartphone. The MMI system saves up to 27 shortcut buttons which allow drivers to customize preferences. 

For fans of Alexa or Siri, talking to the A6 is an enjoyable experience. Natural-language control turns the A6 into an intelligent travel assistant. Drivers can speak requests such as, “I’m cold,” to which the A6 will intuitively respond with, “What temperature would you like to set the cabin to?” The A6 processes questions and commands through onboard stored data and detailed information from the cloud, with MMI navigation plus. With each profile, up to seven drivers can individually store around 400 preferred settings. 

Brand new this year, the myAudi app offer’s A6 owners access to even more digital services through their compatible smartphone, including myAudi Navigation. This time-saving function becomes a personal mobility manager, where a route started on a smartphone, continued in the on-board system upon entering the vehicle and then passed back to the smartphone to guide the occupant to their next destination – by foot or public transport. Infotainment features such as internet radio streaming and Amazon Music are also accessible through the MMI via the Audi Connect mobile application.

Driving the new Audi A6 is an exhilarating and empowering experience. It has the power to elevate a daily commute to an event to be looked forward to, and to say the least, makes the journey on weekend sojourns to the cottage as enjoyable as the final destination  

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