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 Foss National Leasing/LeasePlan Canada is pleased to announce three organizational changes happening within the Eastern Canada Sales and Account Management teams.  

 Jennifer Chapman has been appointed to the Account Executive team. Jennifer’s 20+ years of experience in fleet operations, account management and passion for success will considerably enhance sales efforts in the Eastern region.  

 Foss National is also pleased to introduce Eric Norkus who joins Foss National Leasing/LeasePlan Canada as an Account Executive with 20 years of customer service and new business development experience in Fleet, Financial Services and Logistics.  

 Lastly, John Blakely has been brought on as Account Manager for the Eastern Region. John has over 25 years of fleet experience, spanning all aspects of the business, including account management, strategic consulting and operations. John will bring experience and a strong commitment to excellence in service for his customers.  

Jennifer Chapman 

Eric Norkus 

John Blakely 

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