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Holman Enterprises is pleased to announce that Rick Tousaw, Holman’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, will now lead the newly created Holman Commercial Team. The Holman Commercial Team is comprised of four fundamental areas – Market Development, Product & Service Development, Customer Experience, and Marketing – and will support the company’s strategic vision for sustained growth and strengthen Holman’s position as a prominent leader in the automotive industry.

Joe Foster 

In support of this team’s mission, company veteran Joe Foster has been named Vice President, Market Development and will now oversee Holman’s Market Development and Product & Service Development teams. Under Foster’s guidance, these teams will further optimize Holman’s existing products and services while also developing new automotive solutions that align with the ever-evolving needs of the company’s customers. Foster and his team are also tasked with ensuring Holman continues to leverage and maximize the natural synergies of the organization’s various automotive service divisions.

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