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NAFA Fleet Management Association has appointed Bill Schankel, CAE as its new Chief Executive Officer. Schankel has served as NAFA’s Interim CEO since August 2019. He joined the organization in September 2017 as NAFA’s Chief of Staff & Operations.

Prior to joining NAFA, Schankel spent the last 20 years in roles leading associations, most recently as Executive Director for the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) and America Mosquito Control Association (AMCA). Previously, Schankel has been responsible for strategic direction, operations, event management, and income development for associations including the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers, New Jersey State Bar Association, National Kitchen & Bath Association.

“I thank NAFA’s Board of Directors for the vote of confidence in light of the dramatic changes seen in the past twelve months, not only within NAFA but within our industry,” Schankel said. “It is important that we continue to deliver the services, education, and support our members expect, and the leadership that has made ‘NAFA’ synonymous with ‘fleet.’ This act supports continuity for our strategies and ensures that our Association will grow and thrive in the months and years to come.”

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