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Spark Power Corp. is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie Marra, as Manager of Fleet and Facilities for North America. Hired in February, Marie brings an impressive 17 years of extensive experience to her new role where she oversees 500+ vehicles across Canada and the US. In addition to managing Spark’s fleet program, her focus in this role is on streamlining fleet operations; maintaining, developing, and driving the continuous improvement of Key Performance Indicators that align with Spark's client relationship, supply chain and company's long-term growth objectives.

"Marie started her career with ARI Fleet and now joins Spark from Ricoh Canada where she managed their entire fleet. Marie is a member of NAFA Fleet Management Association, the world’s largest not-for-profit membership association for individuals who manage the vehicular fleet and mobility responsibilities for their employees. We are very much excited to have such an exceptional veteran join our company and lead our growing team." - Andrea Di Nardo Director, Supply Chain

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