Canada’s first zero-emissions concept car is scheduled to be launched by the country's automotive supply sector by 2022 and will debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Branded “Project Arrow”, named after the Avro Arrow supersonic jet designed and built in Canada in the 1950s, the car will be is intended to showcase Canadian engineering, materials and design.

President of Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association said in a statement that “A project like this unleashes the creativity of the Canadian supply base,” Volpe said. “We’re going to demonstrate the best of the best. We want to show that the Canadian supply chain is as advanced as any in the world.”

The project will begin with a design contest this summer inviting Canadian universities and colleges to submit ideas for the car. Suppliers will bid on the project in the fall and a “virtual concept” will be unveiled next year. A final, fully built vehicle will be introduced in 2022.

Though not intended for general consumers, the car will be in alignment with all Canadian road safety requirements. A typical concept car costs between $1.5 million and $2 million to build, Volpe said.

Project Arrow is the APMA’s third industry-collaboration initiative. In 2014, the Connected Lexus Technology project saw 14 independent Canadian auto firms apply their products to a single vehicle from the Japanese automaker. A fleet of autonomous demonstration vehicles featuring Canadian technology was subsequently launched in Stratford, Ont. in 2017.

The latest project is intended to go a step further, as the first to attempt a car built from start to finish with Canadian parts, materials, engineering and design.

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