The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid pickup – the first standard hybrid pickup in Canada – is now officially Canada’s most fuel-efficient hybrid pickup with an estimated rating of 5.6 L/100km city.1

The 2.5-litre hybrid has an estimated rating of 6.3 L/100km combined, 7.1 L/100km highway and an estimated range of more than 800 kilometres on a single tank of gas.1

"Maverick redefines what a truck can be, with an estimated rating of 5.6 L/100km city, better than many sedans," said Mathieu Rompré, Maverick marketing manager, Ford of Canada. "That is combined with room for five, innovative FLEXBED and FIT slots, and plenty of towing and hauling for weekend trips or do-it-yourself projects."2

Maverick uses Ford’s innovative fourth-generation hybrid propulsion system, which includes an all-new 2.5-litre Atkinson cycle hybrid engine and electronic continuously variable transmission. Its briefcase-size, liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery is packaged smartly below the second-row seats rather than occupying a significant portion of the cargo area.

Maverick Hybrid pickup is expected to start shipping in December with the first customer deliveries expected in January 2022 so required emissions certification can be completed.

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