AYRO, Inc.'s Club Car 411 is now available in Canada and Mexico. The all-electric Club Car 411 utility trucks designed for urban, commercial, consumer and government fleets are the first AYRO-built sustainable vehicles to be exported to both countries bordering the U.S.

The 411 offers multiple bed configurations available including fully enclosed box truck, pickup bed, and flat bed. The full van box has 123 square feet of cargo room and a half-ton payload capacity. It is purpose built for low-speed logistics and cargo services, filling the gap between full-sized trucks and small utility carts.

The 411 also has power-assist steering and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes along with a standard backup camera, cabin heat and ventilation.

According to the company it can reduce operating expenses by 49% and Co2 emissions by 44% compared to comparable gas powered vehicles. ARYO CEO Rod Keller said the Club Car 411 should make it easier for fleet "to achieve their sustainability goals for carbon reduction, urban congestion and cost-effective electric last mile vehicles.”

AYRO’s other all-electric vehicle, the AYRO 311 autocycle, is also expected to be marketed to Canada and Mexico fleet opportunities for larger radius delivery and promotional applications. With a top speed of up to 80 kmh AYRO anticipates that the AYRO 311 may provide an alternative to gas powered vehicles, particularly with respect to restaurant delivery.

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