Audi plans to convert its entire network of global production factories to manufacture electric vehicles. 

Audi’s first purely battery-electric vehicle to go into production, the e-tron began deliveries in 2019. After getting off to a slow start, a significant update in 2021 that included an extended range and a lower price point, the e-tron gained its footing.

Since then, Audi has expanded its EV lineup to include an e-tron S, e-tron GT, e-tron Sportback, Q4 e-tron, and Q8 e-tron. Through the first nine months of 2022, Audi increased fully electric vehicle sales by 53.8% on strong market demand.

Audi announced last year that its last combustion car would roll off the line in 2033, launching only electric vehicles from 2026.

To better compete in the new EV era and ease the transition, Audi has said it will convert all existing production factories to build electric vehicles by 2029.

Further details on Audi's future electromobility plans can be found in its recent press release. 

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