Geotab has offered some advice on the top mistakes to avoid when adding EVs to your fleet.

  1. Using the wrong vehicles: Choose wisely, because once you've committed "it's hard to adjust" Geotab's product marketing manager Nicki Schill said in a blog post. " Think about the comfort of passengers, the amount of range needed, charging options, and what all of the above will cost you."
  2. Missing out on incentives: Check into government incentives before you commit. That includes more than just purchase rebates, but extends to things like HOV lane discounts on toll roads, access to charging infrastructure incentives etc.
  3. Discounting the real world: Canadian fleets have to contend with winter, where cold weather can significantly reduce range. Also, don't forget about typography – if your fleet runs in a mountainous area, range will be affected.
  4. Charging when it's expensive: Time-of-use electricity rates make a huge difference in EV operating costs, so be sure your users know the best times to charge up.
  5. Ignoring the distinctions between chargers: picking the right type of charger for home and office use will make a big difference in the usability of the EVs in your fleet. If charging takes too long, the vehicles won't be on the road, so look into where you need fast chargers and where Level 2 is going to be enough.
  6. No tracking: To get the most from EVs you need data. Telematics can help here, and most EVs also have their own onboard analytics.
  7. Not talking about it: If you're using EVs in your fleet, you are still an early adopter – pat yourselves on the back, and publicly - for being forward thinking and going green!
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